About Jo

Originally hailing from France the Ex gymnast and theatre artist Jo arrived in New Zealand 9 years ago, and instantly fell in love with the surroundings and people of Northland. Now relocated in Auckland since a year, Jo based himself in Dargaville, spending his days working for Circus Kumarani Aotearoa’s Community circus, teaching the arts of circus from Ground based skills to Aerial Artistry, to all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced.


In 2011 while traveling to America with his brother, Jo learned about the art of Cyr Wheel and found a new passion, adding this to his long list of skills. Upon returning to New Zealand Jo and his brother formed the company Spinnovation NZ and continue to share their love of circus with others. 


In 2015 Jo went to Melbourne teaching and studying more about circus art and Cyr wheel at the Spin Academy and NICA.


Over the years Jo has performed at many corporate events, circus shows, music festivals and traveled all over NZ over on a regular basis teaching and performing many different skills (hand to hand, juggling, tumbling, fire...etc. ) as well as performing and teaching Cyr Wheel.

Jo is a man of many talents that you won’t want to miss.


 Cyr Wheel

Be hypnotised by the art of cyr!
A giant metal ring where the performer stands inside and grasps its rim, causing it to roll and spin gyroscopically, while performing acrobatic moves in and around the rotating wheel.
Still a very new apparatus that not many people have seen yet, so be the first to put it out there!



Make the time to contemplate and admire the beautiful human performing acrobatics and hand to hand. Feel free to select two or more performers interacting together using strength, grace and flexibility in an amazing performance provide by our acrobats.


Get entertained by the art of object manipulation.
A choreographed piece will be made to adapt to your type of event using juggling balls or any kind of other props (clubs, cigar boxes, diabolo....) helped by the combination of movement, comedy and theatre involvement.


Like danger ?
Fire is the most visual effect! Spinning, juggling or spitting fire can be made into an unforgettable event!
All the acts are performed by professional artists who are trained and aware of safety. So don't hesitate and step up with something new!



Your event is not suitable for fire? No worry, we got a plan B!
Let your crowd be entranced by our glow toys! hula hoop, juggling, spinning poi, anything can be performed in a dark, smooth, atmosphere surrounded by beautiful, choreographed music...



CYR Wheel



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